Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Do u realize that a dhobi is the only person who can get away by saying "Bhabhi .. kapde nikal kar rakhna.. main baad main aakar LETA hoon"

Monday, August 08, 2005

Shopping for jeans (ii)

After the zipper incident I was naturally more cautious while buying my jeans. But as time went by I became complacent until rudely awoken one day.

This time the venue was the Mega-Mart. This one was at JP Nagar and was newly opened. It had that irritating property of all newly opened clothing stores, an over courteous salesman. This guy kept following me around advicing me on various things. On that day I really did not like what I found in the store, but because of the persistent salesman I felt compelled to buy something. Finally I found a pair that met my requirements and I went in the trial room and found it ok. I bought that pair.

A couple of days later I wore that pair to office. At home they seemed pretty fine, no probs. But as the day progressed I realised that there was something that was not right. Everytime I looked at the mirror I tended to tug at them a bit to bring them to my comfort waist level. First I thought maybe I had put on some weight and made a note to spend some more time on the treadmill. But that was not it.. something was definitely wrong with them.

Later at home I made a more careful examination of the jeans' label. There in small print was mentioned quite clearly "32", straight-leg, zip-fly, low-waist". Needless to say, I have worn this pair only when there is nothing else available. And whenever I have done that I do not tuck in my shirt. I truly sympathised with P and his button-fly jeans.

So next time you see others wearing a similar pair, do sympathise with them, for they might be wearing them not by choice.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


I hope this is not a prank.... :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Shopping for jeans (i)

Shopping for a pair of jeans is a very simple task I used to think. U just needed to get the the waist size and colour right. This view of mine has slowly been taken apart over the years.

First one was the incident at HSS Gurgaon. There was a place near the Delhi Haryana border called Mahipalpur. Here you had shops where could get a lot of branded stuff at factory prices. However since there was a scarcity of space these shops did not have a trial room. I and my friend P had gone there to get a pair of jeans for P. Once there P realized that he was not too keen to buy something that he had not tried on since there were just too many brands to select from. So we pleaded with the shop owner and he asked us to use the terrace. So to the terrace we went and with me standing guard my friend tried on the jeans. After a few trials he selected one and as we went down he saw a pair identical to the one that he had selected but of a more preferable colour. So he ditched the one he had selected after so much effort and took the other one. What the heck.. it was of the same waist size, length and brand.

That was a big mistake for even though everything else was same, it was lacking a zipper. Instead of that it had a button fly!! Jeans with buttons instead of a zipper were as good as a lungi with a zipper. Par kya karein, since we had already paid for the same we could not go back and return it. Some days later after P had convinced himself to wear it(I'm sure it was tough), he came to office wearing it. We had one heck of a rowdy gang at office. As soon as a guy noticed this new fashion he burst out laughing. Soon the entire junta began commenting on this and P was the butt of all jokes. One guy reasoned out that P's proclivity for buttons instead of a zipper had something to do with an accidental pull in the loo.( Yeah.. everyone said, if you were in a hurry then the zipper could cause a lot of pain if u were not careful). Another one was visualising a romantic scene oft repeated in Hindi movies of a wife sewing on her husband's missing button BUT with a difference ;) . Hajaar things, but we had a hell of a laugh. P however defended his decision for a while through all this. That was until a guy said that jeans with buttons were actually worn by girls......

That was it.. P never again wore that pair. So that is a thing that I watch out for now while buying a pair of jeans.